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Lost Island River

Drawn by a gentle current, the kids can unwind by drifting around on this pint-sized lazy river.


A fun interactive way to cool off! This play area has multiple water features for guests of all ages. For guest 54″ tall and under.

Fishing Village

A multi-level interactive water play fort styled like an Adirondack fishing shanty. The kids will revel in this water playground filled with slides, spray jets and two cool waterfalls.

The Hook

This two-person tube slide shoots you into the action of the Lost Island River. Grab Mom or Dad and make sure to hold on tight.

Colorado River

Experience New Jersey’s version of the Wild West as you careen down this supercharged white water raft ride. You and your friends get to brace the waters together on 1,600 feet of cascading waterfalls, wild rapids and enclosed tunnels.

Bombs Away

No time for second thoughts as you drop into a steep descent ending with an 18-foot freefall into the pool below.

High Tide Wavepool

A little piece of The Shore in the mountains. In between body surfing sessions, sit back, relax and soak up the rays on the Wavepool deck. The Hightide Wavepool is one of the largest pools of its kind, sculpting over 450,000 gallons of water into a perfect set of waves.

Thunder Run

A wild tandem ride filled with tubular twists, turns and surprise drops. For guests 48″ tall and over.

Canyon Cliff Jump

One of Mountain Creek’s most popular attractions, The Canyon Cliff Jump lets water parkers leap off a ledge in front of dozens of spectators. Work up the courage as you stand above the crystal clear mountain spring and get ready for your elevated plunge.


You’re standing 100 feet above the ground with a view of New York reaching 50 miles and all of the sudden a trapdoor opens beneath your feet! You’re accelerating down the world’s tallest double looping thrill slide, it’s the closest you’ll get to feeling zero gravity at Mountain Creek. Zero-G is a must ride!

Temporarily closed.


Feel the g-forces as you plummet 99 feet down H2-Oh-No!, our near-vertical body slide designed for maximum speed! The thrill of going down this ride is only rivaled by our Zero-G. 

Temporarily closed.

Alpine rush

Blast through enclosed tunnels and hold on tight as you bank around 180° and 360° curves in this modern take on a classic thriller. You’ll be outrunning your screams the whole way down! The Alpine Rush is definitely one of our favorites.

Temporarily Closed


You’ll never know what’s around the next drop as you get flown through Vortex’s darkened tunnels at immense speeds! Hop on your tube with a friend or family member; you definitely will want to check this one out. 

Temporarily closed.


Team up with a friend on this double tube ride as you are hurled through the pitch-black darkness with tight curves and steep drops. Your screams will echo around you in this fully enclosed speed slide as you both emerge at the bottom of Vertigo wearing huge smiles.

Temporarily closed.



Jump on your raft and get blasted through a dark tunnel with a full 45° drop into an immense funnel, getting flown to jaw-dropping heights and moments of weightlessness! High Anxiety is a classic favorite of ours and a definite must-ride. 

Temporarily Closed



Race your friends and family down the hill! Surf Hill is an eight-lane head-first racing slide built into the natural contours of the mountain. Multiple whoops along the length of the slide and zero gravity drops let riders to gain additional momentum to propel them to the finish.

Temporarily closed.

Please note: Rides/Slides are subject to close at anytime. 

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